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Re: Re: [IP] IP REUNION?????

Pumpers and Friends,
  As I was one of the first member, I guess I can fill everyone in, or you could look in the records for What is/was Pumpers Ink?.
 >Sam...Who do you think I was referring to as 'the founding FATHER'???  Our beloved Michael of course...

Well, I believe that Michael is more like the step-father. If I recall my history correctly this group was founded by a small group of people and it was running on someone else's system originally. When the membership began to grow, Michael volunteered to do it. Some of the really old hands may want to correct me on this. I've "only" been a member for 3 years now (and we only had about 250 subscribers).

Sam this is how I send my Chat posts via Pumper's Ink

From: rodmead <email @ redacted>
To: Pumpers Ink <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] What is/was Pumpers Ink
Date: Monday, March 13, 2000 11:56 PM

Dear Pumpers and Friends,
    What is/was Pumper's Ink? One day in late April of 1997; I got a note from this nice guy by the name of Glenn Yoder in my e-mail box on AOL, I almost deleted it like I do with most mail on AOL. I'm glad I didn't Glenn ask if I would like to write about DM and pumping to other pumpers and the would write back to me. In a e-mail group called Pumper's Ink. We were a small group at first just 12 members:
    Glenn Yoder from Foster City , CA; a Type I using a Minimed pump and still a member. I miss his jokes
    Jim Lieb from Erie, PA a Type I using a Minimed pump and still a member.
    Deirde Maislin from Bridgewater, NJ using a Minimed pump and is still a member. Deirde is the Humalog still working for you?
    Vicki Baker from Roanoka, VA, one of the first RN of the Group, on a pump for 8 years.
    Tara Hart  from Plantation, FL a great pump supporter who works as a director of the Pump program at Diabetes Support System, Inc.
    Bob Burnett from Oneida, NY, a Type I uaing a Disetronic pump but was using a Minimed pump. One of the best writers and person of the group and still a member.
    Rodney Mead from Omaha, NE, a Type I , one of the first pumper been on a pump along time on my 6 model of pump.
    Rosalind (Roz) Mincher from Burlinggame, CA , a Type I using a Minimed pump. She is a great friend alway with a kind word and a pray when I'm down. And still a member.
    Susan May from San Bruno, CA a Type I who used one of the early pumps Auto-Sysringe but stopped use one until 3yrs ago and started back on a Minimed , still a member.
    Linda Ferguson from San Carlos, CA a Type I, getting great A1c's with Humalog and her pump. Still a member.
    Carolyn Allen, RN, CDE, CPT from Richmond, VA . A Type I and has one of the best user names on AOL : EUGLYCEMIA and still a member.
    Scott Fischell from Glenelg, MD. He was the first Rep with Minimed(back in 1984 it was called Pacesetter) and still a member.
    That was the first group of 12 members, we were a nice group and it grew at a rate of a member or two a week. It was a place where everyone  was nice to each other,  we cared about each other, where we could cry, laugh, vent, and Smile with each other.  We grew to the point where AOL mail sys. was not the way to send out the posts from everyone. By this time Michael Robinton had join the group. He told the group about a way to get around the mail problem we had at the time. He would host a mail server on his company server for us. THANK YOU Michael, then we started to talk about putting up a webpage. Michael ran with it and what you know as http://www.insulin-pumpers.org  is what he came up with from his love for Lily(maybe this is where she gets her drive to doing things so well) He ask
the group for help to do it, like  what it needed to show, talk about, to write FYI notes; to make it the best place on the web for INFO about insulin pumping and to tell the world that use a  insulin pump with children  is one of the best way to give back their children life back to them.
    Michael, you asked about history  of pumping. See  if you can get a copy of Insulin Pump Therapy by Elke Austenat and Tilman Stakl  ISBN#0899256309; I got my copy from Disetronic  back in 1992 . It maybe the only book that show old pumps, it even has a Biostator.
    Why did I write this letter; you ask well for one to tell some very nice people Thank You, and can we please stop the fighting. Go back to being friends, to give each other the support we need to live the life with DM be it yourself or a love one. To understand that everyone has needs to get from the group, to be a place to vent, to share your joy and sadness. So please remember that if you have a problem  with what someone has written, you can write to them off-line or if you have other problems write to  the ADM at HELP@insulin-pumpers.org. You can ask them to help you if someone is causing you problems, if you think it is not something that need to be talk about in the e-mail, they will help kept things going . Remember if you kept writing to the e-mail group it just get to be a bigger problem and away from what the goal of the e-mail is. If you need to drop out or change what type of e-mail you get PLEASE WRITE to HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
    If you can make a donation; $$$, time, writing, be a ADM, a chat host, and thing that will help with the running of the webpage and the group,  I hope to see everyone in chat tonight at 9pm EST.  I get a great joy from hosting a chat Every Tue. night. Now if only I can get more of you to drop in to chat; we have a lot of fun and great time with good Info. I was thinking of dropping out of the group, but last night I was IM on AOL from a new pumper asking about pumping. I told him to sign up to the group, for it is one of the best place on the web to learn about pumping and what a great group of people the members are . So feeling as I do, I know I need to stay.

ps:I would miss hearing about the great A1c's , what Sara is doing, I miss Buddy, Karla,Sue, Linda, Tom, Glenn.............

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I have been looking at this post I wrote a year ago, I can only ask again please can we all go back to being friends, being nice to each other, to being the one place on the web where everyone can get help and support and learn how to use a insulin pump. So............. 


ps: I had to tell my siter goodbye today  as she passed away 4-4-2001
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