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Re: [IP] Vent Over Due

>When I got diabetes I got upset so I turned to school.

This is one thing that everyone I told my story to and those that seen me 
during my diagnosis which they either don't believe me or just can't believe.

The story of my Dx is different.  at the time of my Dx I was loosing weight 
and everything you all know to well that goes with being Dx'd.  At the time 
my mother was going threw nursing school and happened to be on the subject 
of IDDM. she would be reading and then would look at me and then start 
reading again and glance back at me.  After that night she wanted to take 
me to the Colleges Nursing Lab where they had some BG machines.  On the 
drive to the College my mother told me what she thought was wrong and what 
she wanted to do, and in the response when she first explained to me that 
she thought I had diabetes the only thing that I said was "I know I have 
it".  and from that time I was never angry for having the disease I took 
total responsibility for it and when the nurses at the hospital handed me 
that orange to practice shots on I  simply asked "I will have to do this my 
entire life right?"  they said "yes" and I said in return "then why 
practice on the orange? Let me do it for real".   After getting settled in 
my room I told my mother to go to school for the class she had and I even 
told her not to call my dad until he got off work because "I have it and it 
can wait until he is off work I don't think it is going anywhere".

Since they I have not gone threw the toll tell signs which people say 
everyone goes threw.  Don't get me wrong I have got depressed and 
frustrated but just with the situations and not the disease or myself.

Brian Carter
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