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[IP] Vacation: HELP!

From: "Moira C. McCarthy" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Vacation: HELP!

Hello all,

Well, we are going to Scottsdale, Arizona for April school vacation. This
will be the first time since pumping Lauren is around a pool all day long.
I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for being disconnected for a long
period of time. We do have the MM sportspack and will try using it, but it's
rather uncomfortable. Should I have her check bg's every two hours and then
bolus whatever basal was missing in that time? Or just go with the flow?
Skiing, with the pump on, we found great success in keeping basals the same
and not bolusing for foods (She was between 70 and 100 the whole time!!!!!)
I"m thinking that will be our plan as far as more excersise goes this time
too. it's the disconnecting I'm worried about. Any thoughts or suggestions?
I want this vacation to be FUN!!


Mom of Lauren, 9, Pump Princess of Plymouth

- --------------------------------------------------------snip
I would bolus for the amount of time she is off the pump and forget the
pump. check the bs and just use the time to calculate the missed basal
insulin. you can hook up to the pump and give the missing basal dose as a
bolus if necessary. if she is like most 9 year old kids she'll have burnt
off a substantial amt of glucose running around and having a good time.
Above all, don't worry as she will detect this and it will act as a wet
blanket and spoil the kids' fun. have a good time. you can always give
insulin by injection or with the pump if necessary. The sports pack looks
like it requires its own wheelbarrow to carry it around. have a good time
and lots o fun. spot
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