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[IP] Red Lobster.. WON'T HELP!

Dear Insulin Pumpers,

 I am the one who went to Red Lobster back in March
and was not given the Nutional Value. Here the update:
I wrote them (and tried to call with no answer) they
sent this pathetic letter back. I have attached the
email I replied with. I really don't understand why
they can't provide such IMPORTANT information, when
other resturants can! Hope yall don't mind I listed
this group in my email!! I will keep you posted!!

April 7, 2001

Ms. Heather M. Nicholson
2129 Park Avenue
Milan, TN 38358

Dear Ms. Nicholson:

Thank you for your interest in Red Lobster.

We are constantly making improvements to our menu,
whether it be 
wide or on a regional basis.  Due to the differences
in our menus and 
some cases recipes, we are unable to provide accurate,
nutritional information for all of our guests.

If you need this information because of a medical
condition such as 
allergies, please have your physician or health care
provider contact 
us at

Also, I hope you will accept my apologies for the poor
impression our
manager made on you.

Again, thank you for contacting us.  We certainly
value your patronage, 
look forward to serving you soon. 

To whom it may concern:

 I have a question of how you cannot provide such
important infomation, yet other resturants can, when
they have just as much of variety in a menu as Red
Lobsoter.  If this information was not important then
I asure you I would not ask for it.  Most nutrional
information is written on food product packages. I am
sure that information is avaliable for your company 
just as it is when customers by products in a store.
You help in this matter would be greatly
apperciated,if you could look further in this matter
it would be greatly apperciated, this information is
being fowared to the world wide insulin pumper group
made of up over 3000 members. Please let me know what
your company can do to help.
Heather Nicholson and fellow insulin pumpers

- Just remember ....
   "It is not how far you walk, but it is how deep the 
             foot prints you left behind!"

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