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Re: [IP] Help/advice for a fellow pumper & surgery

Subject: Re: [IP] Help/advice for a fellow pumper & surgery

< Denise,

  < I absolutely  LOVE it!!  <no pump no surgery>  That is absolutely the
< attitude and the best way to do things these days.  And a perfect
< to EDUCATE!!!  As a mom of a young IPer that is the attitude that I am
< maintaining...This is how it is GOING to be!  That is how I got Josh on
< pump in the first place.  And on Humalog before that.  I WANTED it and it
< happened.
< Sylvia
< mom to Joshua

Ah Sylvia
It is precisely because of parents like you who have shared on IP how much
they struggle to get the best for their kids that I have gotten the courage
to re-parent myself in this manner.   My own generation too often accepted
the unacceptable - the degradation that comes from being blamed for not
controlling our disease and our parents unwittingly  adding to the problem
by their fierce desire to see us well but not having the tools to make this
happen.  Remembering how guilty I felt for making my parents unhappy by
being diabetic -yes that's how a child thinks-   I absorb the love that is
expressed by today's parents who fight for their children's right to live a
good life,  and make it my own.   It sustains me as I face  medical
situations which bring me in contact  with not only magnificent people but
turkeys as well.  While  I honor them all as humans doing their best,  I
know to not join the flock of turkeys, nor to  let them get me down.

So glad that you have a great endo  and can keep Joshua away from the

Denise Guerin
Type 1 46 years
Minimed 507 3 years
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