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[IP] Re: Help/advice for a fellow pumper & surgery

> Talk to the anesthesiologist + your endo and get
the matter resolved.

> Michael
> email @ redacted

There seem to be a consensus and may be getting a
little redundant, but I have posted a couple times
on the recent problems I have had with hospitals and
 - not being tested properly, I now bring my own
 - no gram count for meals, don't know how to
resolve this as I checked 3 times before being
admitted the last time, with no help even though my
surgeon ordered it.
 - hooking up dextrose in the IV, without being
informed, again don't know how to resolve as the
surgeon and nurses (under orders) still think they
did the right thing.

I educated the surgeon and anesthesiologist about
pumps the first time and did keep my pump on.  For
the 2nd and 3rd surgeries, as I had done it before,
it was easy.

I think my mistake was not having my endo involved
(as MIchael notes above).  As they agreed with my
requests before, I thought there was no problem.  I
was wrong.

I had informed him on what was supposed to be the
2nd visit, and then the hospital and doctor messed
(didn't have the parts) and I didn't complete it
that time.

I would suggest to make sure your endo not only
knows about it, but also checks in.  If your endo
says to take your pump off, or is ill informed, get
a new endo.
email @ redacted
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