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[IP] Re: Forearm Testing

We've been using the One Touch Ultra Meter (love those 5 second test 
results!) and the Bayer Vacculance (for forearm testing) for a couple of 
weeks now and Katie (age 10) is VERY HAPPY!  It took a while to get 
consistent in being able to get a good sample from the forearm.  Now that 
we've worked out what strategy works for us, it's been like heaven not having 
to poke fingers . . . For Katie, she puts the vacculance on her arm and 
presses and releases the button enough to get the vacuum going (but not far 
enough to actually do the poke) -- after about 15 seconds of the vacuum (you 
can see the skin bulging up slightly inside the tube), she then pushes the 
botton all the way to make the poke.  By doing the vaccuum thing before the 
poke, it seems to drawn the small sample needed by the Ultra very quickly.  
On those occasions where it's not super quick, she will rock the tube from 
side to side a few times after the poke (but without breaking the seal on the 
vaccuum).  Someone on this list also recommended making a fist before forearm 
testing -- which we are going to try too . . .

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