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Re: [IP] Help/advice for a fellow pumper & surgery

It has been only 15 hours since Jan posted the original message in 
this thread, and already there have been many responses, all with
essentially the same reply. The message from the person who is to
undergo the surgery also followed in the same groove.

I have had one surgery with the pump on (and several others before I
started pumping) and my recommendation supports all the others.
Particularly since the surgeon originally gave the patient the option
of keeping it on, and it didn't sound like it was really major
surgery. That indicates that the surgeon has had some prior experience
with patients on the pump, and that's very important. But the key
individual, the one who has dropped the ball, is the patient's endo.
In my own case, my endo laid all the ground work with the OR people,
and I had enough time prior to the surgery to fine tune my basal

In the future there will be others who have to deal with similar
situations. The most important thing for them to remember is that
non-diabetics don't remove their pancreases before going into surgery,
so why should pumpers have to remove their pumps?

And thanks Michael for providing us with a vehicle that has such fast
response. It's extremely important to all of us.
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