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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #26 Info on each of the pumps-which one?

  i am in the process of applying fo a pump.I have decided to go with the 
Disetronic D-tron.I checked out the other two companies, the minimed 508 and 
their new pump the paradigm (sorry about the spelling) and the animas R-1000 
or the 10000A. The  mm508 has a problem with static electricity shorting out 
the setings and their advice is to place a dryer softener pad in the case 
which will help to prevent this.The mm508 is also not water proof.I 
personally did not have the confidence in this machine.The paradigm had 
corrected the waterproof and the static electricity problem BUT I understood 
from others who have seen the machine it is dsigned to house a smaller 
cartridge 180 as opposed to the 300 units because a new insulin comming out 
is stronger and you will be able to use half as much as the humalog100 which 
is what I use now and don't know if I will switch to the newer insulin and if 
I don't it will be much more expensive using the smaller vile with the same 
insulin I am using now. 
   The Animas pumps seemed to have all of the featuers as the D-tron but I 
was not happy with the reps from the company. This company is also fairly 
new. I had called twice to get a hold of the basic info on the pump.It took a 
call to the vp for the company to have the info at my door the next day. I 
didn't know if I could trust the company to follow up on problems. As I said 
to the Animas vp it is a good thing this was not a problem with a pump.The 
fact that it is a new company and the communication problem I had made me 
decide on the D-tron. Good luck with which ever pump you choose. I am sure we 
both will be asking many questions of the IPers site.

    BILL         email @ redacted
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