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[IP] To Parents Of Diabetic Children(kinda long)

I just thought that I would post my own personal opinions and experiences, 
maybe by chance it would help at least one person out there! :-)
I was diagnosed at the age of 12...the pre-teen years..whoa did my parents 
have it bad!  I have been reading the posts of a lot of parents with 
children on here and can tell that they are very caring and concerned when 
it comes to their children.  My parents were very supportive when i was 
diagnosed, but i was the one put in control of my testing and shots.  Yes, 
my mother was the one saying, "Becky, dinner is 20 minutes away come do ur 
thang!", but she just looked over my shoulder to see my sugar and walked 
away.  She never said anything when my sugar was high just asked maybe if I 
had eaten something I shouldn't have.  And she always left it up to me to 
decide my insulin dose.  Well, to some it seems like maybe my parents were 
very concerned, but that's not the case, they were very concerned but knew 
if they taunted me nagged me, or overwhelmed me that i was gonna rebel like 
most teenage girls.  Because they had the attitude they did, I learned 
quickly that it was MY responsibilty to take care of myself.  Yes, a few 
times i got tired of shots and would stop taking them, but when I felt like 
crap, I had no one to blame but myself.  My parents also taught me that this 
disease was nothing to be shameful of, and NOt a disease to hide from 
      I have read posts about sleepovers... My parents i'm sure stayed up a 
lot when I was at friend's houses, but they always let me go.  They never 
told me I couldn't go because of a reason related to my diabetes.  I told 
all my friends what to do when I was low, How to tell when I was low even 
before I recognized it.  I even taught one of my closest friends to give me 
my shots...She loved it!  My friends learned to always watch over me in 
their own little way without me even being able to tell they were looking 
out for me.  When i would crash with a low in a matter of minutes, it was 
always my friends who were right there taking care of me and my parents were 
the ones just making sure it was done right!:-)
     To those who have GIRLS...lol...it's hard being a teenager with 
diabetes and dealing with a social life also...teach your daughters not to 
be ashamed of diabetes...it's a part of themn just as their haircolor is..no 
we don't always like it and it doesn't always fix just right, but hey. it's 
still US!!  I never once went out on a date without first being able to be 
good enough friends with that guy to be able to share with him my diabetes.  
It will save ur daughter from a lot of useless dates too..haha
    Well, sorry this post has turned into an extremely long one...but just 
wanted to share with you my feelings...let ur children grow up, learn from 
their mistakes, and love themselves the way they are...Don't treat them any 
more different than a "non-diabetic" child...When they are teenagers with 
mood swinhs..you just have one more thing to blame it on...just don't let 
them know...lol
Thanx for listening,

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