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Re: [IP] Vacation: HELP!

I thought the same thing before I tried it. There "Disconnection Guidlines", 
as they call it have worked for me.(I am 48 but do a good job of keeping up 
with the kids) They consider this action as "very brief" and would be the 
same steps to follow if your pump failed, or could not deliver, and you were 
away from home and had to use a pen or syringe. They note,*Moniter BG every 4 
hrs.*Give ingection of Humalog equal to 4 hrs. of basal * Cover carbs with 
ingection same as bolus. Noting that if it is going to be 8 hrs. or longer 
you can give ingection of N or L equal to 8 hrs. of basal but since N and L 
take about 2 hrs. to start working, you may need to cover a couple of hrs. 
with Humalog. I have not done the later, but have used the first one wih good 
success.  Jim
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