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[IP] Re: Sleep overs

In a message dated 4/7/2001 5:05:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Kim, mom to Max,
>   If you think the babysitter thing is going to be tough just wait until 
> the 
> time for the sleepovers start happening.  You want to let them go but you 
> know YOU will NEVER sleep because you won't be able to check on them in the 
> middle of the night.  Tonight is my SECOND one that Josh has slept over at 
> a 
> non-DM house and I might as well plan on spending the night chatting on 
> this 
> list or something.  Becaus, even though he is running good BGs I won't be 
> able to do a middle of the night check and the idea of that scares me to 
> death!!!  Can't wait until tomorrow!!!
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua

Sylvia I can surely sympathize with you.  Ashley has been to a couple of 
sleepovers a year & I never get any sleep when she does.  Since we are still 
doing injections I premix insulin for her & mark them so she can do them 
herself.  She can actually mix insulin herself but, not without supervision.  
I always kid with her that she is a special kid who comes with instructions.  
In fact two pages of instructions. LOL  So far the sleepovers have only been 
at two different friends houses who have good parents I can totally trust.  
They don't mind the added work of staying on Ashleys schedule & the worry.  

  Kim...........Mom of Ashley(diabetic for 5 years & not pumping yet)
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