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[IP] A sobering thought

Just thinking about diabetes and its complications and fund raising and all of
that.  If someone dies of a stroke, heart attack, or kidney failure and is
diabetic, you may overhear, "oh he had a heart attack".  "I think it may have
been a complication of his diabetes", or just,  "I think he had had 'sugar"'.
Maybe they make a donation to the American Heart Association. (Nothing wrong
with that, don't flame).  But, they don't feel the seriousness of Diabetes in
their gut and heart.  It is a truly invisible disease.  It seems you never
hear, "oh, he died of diabetes". (I am using the word never lightly).

 Aids patients may die of a complication of aids; such as cancer or pneumonia,
but it is not said, "he died of cancer, let's give to the American Cancer
Society".  They give to the Aids Foundation. (Nothing wrong here either!)

 No one says to us 'you look really sick' with this disease.  They might
notice if your leg is cut off at the knee, but again it's one of the
'complications' which to me almost says it could have been prevented if he had
taken care of himself. Which I resent.  I had a TIA and of course it was my
fault for not taking care of my disease.  When I die it will be a stroke,
heart attack or something else and not all people will make the connection to

Well, got to go test my 'sugar'.  I think I'm just depressed.  Hm, Another

Linda O.
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