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Re: [IP] Vent Over Due(long)

I'll second that thanks to Brian and to Renee too.

Diabetes has changed everything in our household.  I was a carefree kind of 
mother - loved La Leche League, no schedules, ....and when my 15 month old 
nursling was diagnosed with diabetes EVERYTHING changed.   Shots, dictated 
meals, weighing food, even NURSING on a schedule (dietician said my on demand 
nursling could now only nurse with meals -- arrrggggggg).

At night when my son is stirring, I wonder if his bg is low and whether or 
not I should get up and check his bg...and when he goes to the bathroom just 
one time at night, dare I ask him to check his bg or can he just bloomin' go 
to the bathroom without being reminded of his diabetes even in the middle of 
the night, at least just this once?  So sometimes, rather than disturb him, I 
stay awake and worry and hopefully let him have a few minutes peace of NOT 
thinking about his diabetes.  Of course, then I stay awake and worry whether 
or not this was the right choice.

I detest that the first thing in the morning I need to know what my son's bg 
is before he gets ready for school.  Then the questions that have to be asked 
"how much insulin is in the cartridge, do you have something on you in case 
of a low bg, did you take all the insulin for the huge breakfast you just 
ate, where's your medic alert bracelet? yada yada yada!!"  How awful that I 
have to force myself to converse about other things before getting into  the 
burning questions I have to ask before I can feel safe about sending him off 
to school and I can go to work.  Everytime my cell phone rings I skip a 
breath and panic - this is MY PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEM that I don't want to pass 
along to my son.

Why is it that when we go for checkups at the endo's office, it's all about 
bgs, A1C, bloodwork, weight, height, ..........yet nothing about how this 
disease wreaks havoc on the psychological well being of those living with 
this disease.  

Yes my son appears to take it all in stride as he has NO memory of life 
without diabetes.  But it has to take its toll.  I encourage him to vent.  I 
encourage him to to find humor too in his life with diabetes (we love the 
cartoons in Diabetes Interview).  

I love the support I've found in cyberspace living with a child with diabetes.

Very sincerely yours,

Ellen H. Ullman

Mom, Advocate for children who have diabetes and their parents, Friend, 
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