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Re: [IP] Vent Over Due (long)

In a message dated 4/7/01 11:55:29 AM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

<< I had someone ask me what I thought Diabetes has taken from 
 me.  >>
Brian:  My son is almost 15 and has had diabetes since age 2.  I agree that 
diabetes has taken away from him the carefree childhood he could have had.  
No matter what activity he is involved in, that darn diabetes is a factor 
that always has to be considered.  My son is a gifted golfer.  He will be 
travelling to different states this summer for tournaments and I always walk 
the 18 holes with him.  His sugars (even with the pump) either go high or low 
or both.  How can he go himself?  He has to carry his golfclubs and couldn't 
possibly carry all the juice, food, and glucose with him.  Is that fair that 
he is not on an equal footing with the other players?  No, but this is the 
hand he was dealt, and when he wins a tournament, we are doubly thrilled for 
him!  The other non-d. kids don't have that extra worry to think about when 
they're playing golf or anything else. 
    But...you have to be strong mentally, do the best you can, and be 
thankful you don't have any other conditions.  As a pediatric nurse, you've 
seen worse, right?  When my son was in the hospital at age 2, I knew that he 
would live, unlike the kids in the hospital with leukemia who had a very 
uncertain future.  The diabetes has make him more mature and compassionate.  
    Do the best you can and take one day at a time.  
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