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[IP] Help/advice for a fellow pumper & surgery

> I am having
> surgery Wednesday, the 11th and my diabetic educator said to take pump
> off and leave it home still running with a tissue under it to catch
> This is  done so  not to have to reprogram it. To be an overnight stay
> or ? I must say I am a little scared to do this, but was told they would
> watch me and give insulin in IV. I am on MM 508

In January, I had an excision of a breast lump under local anesthesia.   The
surgeon notified the staff that my pump was mine to control, ditto with my
blood sugars.  (A bag was placed under the guerney which took me to the OR.
It contained my glucose monitor and all my pump supplies. This was handed to
me the minute I was put back on the guerney to the recovery room.  All went
well and my bg stayed well controlled.
By the way I had warned the surgeon beforehand that no pump, no surgery!  It
had the desired effect!  :-)

On March 5th I broke my tibia and was rushed to another  hospital. In the
ambulance I insisted on testing my bg and sternly asked for two glucose
tablets from my handbag when I found my bg to be 75.  The rescue  personnel
complied.    For the next 6 hours in the ER waiting for the surgeon to cast
my leg, I tested repeatedly and maintained my bg at about 80-110.  The ER
staff was impressed and there was no talk of removing my pump.

Two weeks later, back to the same hospital for surgery because the bone had
shifted.  It was  more complicated and now the endo on call (my own endo is
not connected to this hospital) asked me to disconnect just for the surgery
and get back to the pump the second I could handle it.  I disconnected
(later the endo said I should have removed the infusion set completely so as
not to have clogs when I restarted the pump) was given a shot of NPH and
after the surgery my bg was  350.   My husband who had kept my pump with him
helped me reconnect and I was able to bolus  my bg down.   Later the endo
helped me to maintain great bgs and the medical and nursing staff were
impressed enough to ask for a demo of the pump.  One doctor said that his
patients would never comply with my regimen.  I retorted that since he had
only given his patients methods of control that didn't work,  why should
they comply with  insanity!   He came back for more info three times.

The good news is that my tibia which now has a rod and three pins, has
healed rapidly.  This in spite of 46 years of diabetes and being 61 years
old.   It will be 3 more weeks before I can put any weight on that leg, but
I do lots of physio to maintain myself in shape.

When I first joined IP three years ago, I was timid and unable to speak for
myself.  Now it has become second nature to watch out only for my own best
interests.   The hospital personnel knows zilch about diabetes control, so I
simply never ask for anything, I sternly DEMAND.  Amazing how effective it
has been!  :-)

Denise Guerin type 1  46 years
Minimed 507  3 years
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