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Re: [IP] Vent Over Due

Hi Brian,

Thank you for your timely posting.  It is so moving, and enforces with me why
we were so hellbent on getting a pump.  Erica's emotional health was actually
first and foremost when we first started our quest.  The physical benefits are
considered a BIG bonus.  The pump allowed her a much freer lifestyle than what
she was experiencing on injections.  She could not remember her life before
diabetes, but I could....she was always such a free spirit.  Our angel with a
crooked halo <VBG>  We worked sooo hard to enable her freedom but it is hard
to be spontaneous while working against the clock and peaking insulins.  She
was still living and enjoying life to the fullest, but we knew it could be
even BETTER!  Enter......the pump......and a change in the lives of everyone
who knows Erica.

No, it isn't perfect.  But has it allowed her to be 'a kid'?  Yes, definitely.
Will I always assume that everything is going well for her because I think it
is and don't hear otherwise? No.  You have enlightened me.  Hopefully I will
not take for granted that things are going as well as they SEEM to be.

Erica will be 13 in June. The past two years have been so much better than
they would otherwise have been and she recognizes the benefits of pumping.
Hopefully this will help her to battle the emotional and physical demons often
assosicated with this damn disease.  Right now, our mountain biking,
rollerblading, stunt devil, mischief making, animal loving, sister bugging,
independent pumper is having breakfast with a friend who stayed the night.
Tonight she is going to a teen dance.  Yes, she could she have done all this
while on injections, BUT, she couldn't have done it nearly so well :)  She is
as close to carefree as she can be and boy does she take advantage of it!!!!
I am hoping that she continues on this positive path.

Thanks again Brian for sharing your thoughts with us.

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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