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Re:[IP] basal problems

> I have been on a MM 508 since December of 2000.  I have tried testing basals 
> by fasting, but find no matter where I am, I'm going low.  I have been down 
> to .4 and up to 1.1 units per hour.  It seems I go low, correct ot back to 
> about 120 and then within an hour or so go low again.  For my body weight of 
> 191, a basal as low as .4 or lower really doesn't make sense.  Any 
> suggestions?

   I understand what you are saying and kind of felt the same way.  
Someone has probably already said this, but don't worry about your 
weight.  You are probably pretty sensitive to insulin.  I weigh about 
212 pounds and am down to .25 during my busy part of the day.  Keep 
dropping it til you stay consistent.

Dave Sieperda
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