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Re: [IP] Instructions for Ultraflex


  The blue thingy is the cap for when you disconnect!  If you haven't done it 
yet, disconnect.  You will see on the part still attached to your son is a 
long tube-like portrusion, for lack of a better term.  The one open end of 
that blue thingie slides over this to cap it off.  I don't have much 
confidence in something this flimsy and might be a good questions to ask 
Jessica Rice from Dis next week during chat.  But that is what they have come 
up with!  Weird, huh??!!!

   We just put our first Ultraflex in last night after using MM sofSets for 
6+ months with inserter!  Really weird to try and figure out how to  
maneuver!  But man, what a nice looking set and Josh has NEVER had this good 
of BGs on his tummy before...NEVER.  And he is at a sleepover BD party 
tonight and just called and he is only 200!  And that is after everything he 
has eaten.  He really worked hard on remembering boluses for what he eats and 
apparantly it is working.  I'm glad he is a little high because mom won't be 
able to check him at 2:30AM tonight!

mom to Joshua
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