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Re: [IP] Help/advice for a fellow pumper & surgery

On 6 Apr 2001, at 22:24, J Hughey wrote:

> I received the following from a fellow pumper. Please give your
> input on this situation. TIA Jan (~_^)
> > I am having
> > surgery Wednesday, the 11th and my diabetic educator said to take
> > pump off and leave it home still running with a tissue under it to
> > catch insulin. This is  done so  not to have to reprogram it. To
> > be an overnight stay or ? I must say I am a little scared to do
> > this, but was told they would watch me and give insulin in IV. I
> > am on MM 508 since 1-5-01. What do you think/ Have you heard of
> > this being done?

I say "Hah!"

Tell them to put a tissue under that IV drip and pay for it 
themselves.  I'm assuming this is NOT a major surgery and that 
with a bit of help you will be able to maintain things with your pump.
Sound like the "educator" needs a little "re-education."  That's just
my opinion, I could be completely wrong.

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