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Re: [IP] Help/advice for a fellow pumper & surgery

I would never take the pump off if I could help it.  I would take
the pump with. Sometimes you can get a doctor (endo) and write
orders for them to leave the pump on.

I wouldn't leave the pump at home.  Take it with. Can always take
the cart. out and just let it run. There's no need to keep insulin
in it.  

I have heard good and bad about iv insulin.  Maybe taking it off
during the proceedure is Ok. (I wouldn't let them take it off of
me) but when in recovery, to reconnect. That way blood sugars are

I had a friend, where they took the pump off of her inspite of
orders from the doctor. The 1hr proceedure she eneded up waking up
to an 800 blood sugar. When she was taken back to her room. she had
her tester, and had already started to take a corrective dose. It
took the nurses 97 minutes to return after findng out how high she
was to put insulin in her iv. She told them that she had already
corrected herself. She then proceeded to give the entire floor a
demo of the pump.

let me know if you have questions.


> > I am having
> > surgery Wednesday, the 11th and my diabetic educator said to
> take pump
> > off and leave it home still running with a tissue under it to
> catch insulin.
> > This is  done so  not to have to reprogram it. To be an
> overnight stay

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