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[IP] Re: Insurance Denial

    Yes, Natalie is right.  The first hospital we tried said that Claire 
couldn't have a pump because her control wasn't good enough!  So it was easy 
to get the insurance approval.  Luckily, the next endo we tried said, "well, 
I don't see why not?"  to a pump.  Keep up the fight, I think a fight is 
quite common to get a pump.  I was so prepared for a battle with insurance 
that I didn't have to fight in the end.  It was just all the medical people I 
had to battle with.  There are lots of young kids on pumps, you can send them 
a list!!  No reason to wait until he is 12.  Its better when they are younger 
and more accepting of change.
Good luck.   Also, do you know that the pump companies will advocate for you? 
 They know all the tricks and medical jargon.  
Barbara, Mum of Claire 6, pumping soon
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