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[IP] From 1 - 27 in 2 years!! And many more in the wings!

Hi everyone,

A 'little' note from Nova Scotia, Canada.

 When Erica started pumping two years ago on March 17, 1999, it was the result
of a few years worth of research, convincing medical professionals, and
educating insurance companies.  The support we got from the IP, bless you
Michael, was phenomenal.   It was enlightening and humbling.  Erica and I are
still paying it forward and it has been very enriching.  I have suggested the
Insulin Pumpers to so many people for support and information.

In March of 1999 we felt like Big Brother was watching us on startup date at
the Children's Hospital in Halifax.  I made some pretty bold statements so we
really had to prove ourselves.  We knew how positive pumping could be, we had
really done our homework. But, now the actual physical step.  It was scary but
so SUCCESSFUL!    We had to open some doors....sometimes by banging our heads
on them.  We got a few bruises and bumps but they opened!  And boy HAVE THEY

Can we have a drum roll please ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
There are now 27 children on pumps out of our Children's hospital!!  And a
bunch more waiting on startup dates.  Wow!  Heck there are now so many I am
organizing a pump support meeting.  We were in for Erica's diabetic clinic day
today and her endo (God's gift to diabetics) said she is so pleased with how
pumping is working out.  She says she is learning so much from the pumpers and
is passing along all the tips and tricks.  She said they are learning from
US!!!  The pumpers!!!  How wonderful is that!!!  I had tears in my eyes the
other night, and barely slept, because a friend called to tell me that her
daughter is going on the pump in May.  A pump which will be paid for by a
wonderful local service organization.

oops, I was going to make this short but I seldom post lately (although I do
keep contact with a  number of IPers both new and old) so I couldn't help
myself.  I have been feeling a little giddy all day since leaving the clinic
at the hospital.  I had to share the good news with the IP  'family'.  Thank
you all again for the support/information/empathy you have given to us for 4
years.  We couldn't have done it without you.  You will  never know how many
people that has helped out directly and indirectly.  You helped get a ball
rolling and it is still picking up speed...

Here Renee, you can have your soapbox back.  <VBG>

feet still not touching the ground......

Barb....mom to Erica, A Canadian Butterfly
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