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[IP] Re:IP Reunion

I've been involved slightly in mass group outings and at least initially 
three things will be needed:   1) Site convenient for many on a date 
convenient for many    2) Commitment from a hotel or resort to block so many 
rooms initially with reasonable reductions in quantity as the time 
approaches, and arrangements for meals and meeting space and 3) $$ 
commitments from people making reservations.  Pumping experiences or related 
guests speakers might not be enough for a weekend but combining the weekend 
with an activity (Amusement or National Park, tour of an insulin or pump 
manufacturing site, etc.) might encourage significant others to also come, 
boosting the numbers et. Al.  The best place to start would be where Insulin 
Pumpers are the most active or a high majority of us live in a close area.   
Maybe a discussion group on one of the chat nights on this subject might be 
able to round out this idea. - Bob Nnn
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