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Re: [IP] Re: Warm Weather and Bathing Suits

> Hi All,
>   This is mostly for the ladies...  I am new to the pump and this
>   will be my 
> first summer with the pump (pumping 3 months now) We have an
> inground pool which i love to sit by and go to the beach.  I am
> trying to figure out what style bathing suit is best for the pump. 
> A whole piece or two. and where is the best place to pump while
> wearing it.  Sorry if this is a dumb ?  Thought that maybe someone
> might know a secret...
Well.... dad's know a little too.....

17 yo Lily switched to Sils a year or two ago after several years of 
Sil's in back, SofSets in front. Her reason was so that the set 
tape would not show when she wore her Bikini to the beach. Sets are 
inserted in back below the bikini line and likewise in front. These 
are not tiny-kinis, but small none-the-less. The really tiny ones 
have to have sets in front, kinda low down. However, she doesn't like 
them low down so generally wears them in back where the suit is a 
little higher.

You figure it out from here :-)

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