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RE: [IP] I have a rash....

The iv 3000 is the more skin friendly tape. This is why MM includes it in
the package. You don't have to use both. Those are in there for some people
prefer one over the other.  Try using the iv down first or nothing at all.
Then put the iv over the set.  Are you cleaning the site prior to using IV
prep?  I have heard from different trainers that one says you  need to clean
others say not to. I say DO. Give that a try.
I have been pumping insulin for about 8 days, but I have noticed that since
have started pumping with insulin, I have been getting a rash in the area of
my infusion site. I think from the tape.  I didn't have this happen while
pumping with saline.. Do you think it is from the tape?  My CDE said that we
just need to keep an eye on it. I have only been using IV Prep, then
inserting the sofset micro, and then putting that see-thru tape over
came with the sofset). Sorry I don't know all of the names of everything
Stephanie Olivieri

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