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Re: [IP] Re: DST

I have been through fourteen time changes with little or no effect. My opinion
(FWIW) is that you may be getting an infection like a flu or cold and your
body's trying to fight it off. Allergy sufferers get this same BS, and also
you're stressing out quite a LOT which is pushing out adrenaline and other
BG-raising hormones.

If you can step back a bit and try to realize the body is not a machine and is
not (much as we'd like it to) predictable, and understand there are other
factors than JUST diabetes and JUST the pump at work here.

I know from your posts that you are super sensative to BGs and other changes,
but please, try to step back and relax a bit. It will most likely settle down
when you do.

You're too nice to be making yourself sick. If you can, try to go out away
from the house and do something you really like and something that will relax
your spirit.

Jenny Sutherland
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