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Re: [IP] Precise Carb Counting Question

> but I'm wondering how important it is to
> be *extremely precise* when first starting on a pump, and how many
> of you continue to use *very precise* carb counting now?

Accurately matching carb intake to insulin intake is the key to tight 
control. Whether you do this with MDI or an insulin pump is not the 
issue, rather it is how accurately you are able to control bg's. The 
more precise you are with the carb/insulin match, the better you will 
be able to control bg fluctuations. It's not a perfect system, but 
the best available right now. To that end, knowing the carb content 
you are ingesting is important. The better job you do figuring out 
what you eat, by weight, volume, reading labels, whatever.... the 
better off you will be. One need not be obsessive about it, carb 
counting is fairly easy once you've memorized the most common foods. 
I'd say it take 3 to 6 months to become reasonably proficient -- to 
the point where measuring foods is not necessary when it is not 
convenient (restruants, friends house, etc...) and is just done at 

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