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[IP] RE: 1yr and CGMS, And other questions

    I had to laugh about your son's friend's comment.  It really amazes me
how accepting all my son's friends are about his Diabetes and the pump.  I
was really scared other kids would laugh or taunt him (He's 5yrs old) but
everyone has been accepting and a bit curious.  I hear the neighbor kids
think it soo cool  he gets to wear a "pager" just like their dads do.  I
even had one kid ask to try the pump on.  The other parents are still a
little nervous and we haven't started letting him go unescorted to other
kids houses yet.  We also haven't had a babysitter.  I feel uncomfortable
about letting a Teen give him insulin.  Also i wonder if my babysitters
parent's are going to have a problem with their child giving my child
insulin.  Oh well , hurdles we will eventually face.  Anybody have
suggestions on babysitters and the pump?  What the best way to begin
training them and when?? thanks for everyone's help with the bolus 's
hurting question.  I will try smaller does after we insert to see if that
helps.  One last question for the list, When you have skin allergies, is
there a liquid or powder produt you can use to act as a skin barrier between
the skin and adhesive?  Even other tapes like IV 300, Bio Occulsive,
Tegaderm, ect.  all seem to itch his skin.  Any suggestions would be
helpfull.  Sorry about all the questions in one posting.
Kim (mom to Max pumping 1 month!!)
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