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[IP] Precise Carb Counting Question

Hi, pumpers!  I joined this list in early February as a way to learn about
pumping while I considered starting it myself. Even though I've been lurking,
I've been reading the digests avidly over the past two months, and I think I
will have a very good understanding of some of the issues that may arise when
I do actually start (soon!).  So thank you all for your helpful info!

I do have a question now.  I'm currently on MDI, and when I was first dx'd
with Type 1---thirteen years ago---I met with a dietician and she taught me to
use the exchange program.  Since that time, I have modified the exchange
program to suit my individual lifestyle.  I do some informal carb counting, I
rarely weigh any of my foods precisely, and I generally use the "eyeball"
method to estimate carbs/starches.  Over the years, I've been pretty
successful with my method---my last HbA1c was a close-to-normal 6.5.

Recently, I have been reading the John Walsh Pumping Insulin book (purchased
through the IP website), and he goes into quite a bit of detail on carb
counting.  It sounds like most of you use some version of carb counting, but
I'm wondering how important it is to be *extremely precise* when first
starting on a pump, and how many of you continue to use *very precise* carb
counting now?

Just trying to be prepared.  Thanks,
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