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[IP] Accu-Chek Complete accuracy (long)

Does anyone know if the Accu-Chek Complete is accurate - I received one from 
minimed a while back and decided to try it out last nite.  I've been using 
the One Touch Profile which is very accurate compared to numerouse lab test 
and decided to try the Accu-chek complete because I received 150 strips and 
I'm running out of One Touch strips since I've been fasting for my basals.  
The first test came out the same and I like the complete, the second test 
came out 26-27% higher then my profile and this mornings test came out 
22-23% higher.  This can cause problems for me since I've been running on 
the low side recently and may cause me not to treat a low when actually I am 
low and especially while driving.

I know that the Profile is whole blood and the complete is plasma but 
according to the complete book it should be an 8% difference.

The meter was free when I bought the pump from Minimed and when I opened the 
box expecting a new meter - and started playing with it - it looked more 
like a used meter without it being wrapped and with marks on it - could it 
be they sent me a refurbished meter and its not working right?  I really 
like the meter when I tried it but if its not accurate whats the sense of 
having it - I also have a One Touch Ultra and a freestyle meters that I will 
try soon.

thanks for any advice given before calling the meter co.
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