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[IP] Kim's daughter's pump name

<< how3 about naming it the name of that blue powerpuff girl?  i myself dont
 know her name, but just thought she might like it  : >>


I think Blossom is PERFECT. Cute, girly and nice symbolism as she WILL
Blossom on the pump. BTW in case you care, Lauren's green Minimed 508 is
named Cee-cee, after her and my middle name and the name of my grandmother
who died when my mom was five -- Cecelia. We have always said in our family
that "Cecelia will watch over us" and Lauren decided her pump was kinda like
Cecelia :-)

Mom to Lauren, 9, Pump Princess of Plymouth

OH!! One more thing! Do all you parents of younger kids on the pump know
that I have officially (on paper, signed, on the record) convinced the
school department to hire a full time Pump Aid? Lauren is the only pumper in
school; the aid will be in her classroom at all times and work as a
teacher's assistant but also be trained in pumping!! Yee-haw!!!!!
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