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[IP] Laser surgery

Rosemary wrote:
>>>She did say on her last visit she took 2 Aleves and one beer, and though it
still hurt, it helped somewhat. (Don't you love that Nick?) Said maybe next
time she'll take 3 Aleves and 2 beers!  >>>

Sounds like my wedding day. lol  They had to stop the rehearsal the night
before cuz I was bawling so hard. Next day I took 2 nerve pills and 3 aspirin.
The preacher shortened the ceremony and said for me to give him a wink if I
felt overwhelmed and no one would know (behind us). I felt pretty good and
could have gone through it 2x. The following 40+ years have been harder. (~_^)

To keep this on topic, hugsband married me after I had already had DM a

Jan H
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