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[IP] Sensitive eyes - Wombn (long)

I wrote:
> > I was so worked up over what the *nurse* was telling me that I *HAD* to be
fitted for implants (everyone does) before the surgery, I didn't know if going
blind would be better - it's that bad. The dr. came in and said, "Just come to
the hosp. a 1/2 hr. earlier and we'll do it while you are asleep." Most people
are not asleep for cataracts - but I was. I also had two ptosis repairs. >>>

Wombn wrote:
> How did you convince them? Or did you have to have a hysterical fit? No one
believes me when I try to tell them how hysterical I am about needles.  >

In the first place, when the last optometrist corrected my glasses, told me he
couldn't do anything else for me and I needed the cataracts removed, I went to
4 ophthalmologists. One treated me like a head of cattle - here's another one,
next! I walked out of there bawling and didn't go back. Went to another one
and told him how sensitive I was and whatever it was he tried, I resisted and
he wrote on my chart *Refused treatment*. I told him I wasn't refusing, I
couldn't tolerate it. I didn't go back. I went to another one who has a DMer
child and figured he might understand. He said to get near me I needed to be
put to sleep and should see a vitreologist. A Monday at 8:00 a.m. I wasn't out
of bed and the phone rang - the vitreologist. He said, "What's your problem?"
I explained it and he said, "I don't want anything to do with you." I said,
"With your attitude I don't want anything to do with you either."

I contacted the last optometrist and asked what to do cuz I wanted to see. He
suggested the ophth who took some steel shavings from my hugsband's eye. I was
there and remembered he was compassionate (unlike the one who kept yelling at
him who took a splinter out). I wrote Dr. K. a letter explaining my dilemma
and all my meds. The office called and said, "We'll take you."  I have been
with him since about '92.

When the retinopathy developed, Dr. K said I needed to see a vitreologist and
said the only one in town was dr. meanie. He then suggested I could go to Indy
(300 mi. rnd trip). I asked if Dr. H was a nice as he. He said *nicer.* I
said, "I'll go."  Dr. H. really is nicer. ;)

But, Wombn, I have left more than one eye dr's. office crying - and YES - it
IS humiliating. Even the first time I saw this dentist he said I'd have to be
hospitalized and put to sleep to work on me - filled 9 teeth. I've had him 20
years now. ;-)  He almost had his left arm ripped off in an accident but he's
better and we *work together*. I have a terrible gag reflex. ;-P

'nuff said.

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