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[IP] Re: Why d.... not spelled out diabetes??

> I wonder why some diabetics or parents of
diabetics type d. instead of
> diabetes?

> Just being curious.

> Whitney

Actually I type D for Disetronic and dm for
diabetes.  In context, using either one is
understandable on a list regarding diabetes.

If you've only been on the internet for a few years,
you probably don't understand the reasoning for all
of the shortcuts and acronyms.  In the 'old' days
time online was at a premium.  We were charged per
minute and acronyms were a method to quicken
writing, and reading, email and newsgroup posts.
This is why some, on many lists including pumpers,
will become upset when 'bandwidth' is wasted and
posters are pasting entire previous posts and
complete articles rather then just posting the

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