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[IP] Thanks to all re:laser pain

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you to all of you wonderful folks who wrote in
your own experiences with laser surgery. My sister couldn't believe a shot
in the eye was the only option and now, thanks to some of you, it may not
be! Checking out those numbing drops, special thanks Laura and Jan! My error
in the first  post, she's a Type II, not a I, not that it really matters,
but she can't get a  pump through her insurance because she's a II, and
while I've been a Type I for over 36 years, I haven't yet needed any laser
surgery. Some bleeding, yeah, but it seems to be staying stable thus far. I
feel so blessed to have gotten my pump 1 and 1/2 yrs. ago! She did say on
her last visit she took 2 Aleves and one beer, and though it still hurt, it
helped somewhat. (Don't you love that Nick?) Said maybe next time she'll
take 3 Aleves and 2 beers! You all are great, even though none of you
suggested Irish whiskey or getting"blind drunk" beforehand! Thanks again for
your imput.
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