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well, today i had the biggest smile on my face.... my cde asked if my face 
hurt from smiling so hard.........
i started pumping on valentine's day this year (oh, how i love my 
pump....LOL)....anyway, before the pump, my A1c level was at it's lowest 10.4 
and at it's highest about 14.7!
today i did a fructosamine test at the cde's office and there are three 
ranges:  good, intermediate and high (also a low one too)...... my cde did 
hers and she was 188 on the scale (it is not comparable to blood sugar 
readings...... the numbers are quite high and do not correlate to bg 
readings)...... the high end i believe is in the 700s...... i figured mine 
would be at the intermediate level of maybe 300 or something......
well, it counted down and it was 208!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  it said GOOD GOOD 
GOOD  across the screen!!!!!!!!!!!
we are thinking my next A1c (first post-pump) will be 7-8!!  i will probably 
pass out if i see that on my results!
will keep everyone posted as i am VERY PROUD of myself..... but i wouldnt be 
this far if it weren't for all of you!
thank you so much for all the wonderful people here and the wealth of info 
everyone contributes on a daily basis!
gina & mr clicks (MM508)
dx'd 11/83..... pumping 2/01 and have never felt better  :O)
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