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[IP] Ultra One Touch and Forearm Testing

I know that I have read lots about the Freestyle meter and forearm blood 
testing, but has anyone tried it with the Ultra One touch?

The Freestyle isn't available in Canada yet, but we have a new Ultra.  My 
little girl has been reluctant to try to get blood from her arm, so I tried 
it today.  I used the lancing device which came with the meter, it is a 
regular sort of device with a very fine lancet.
I rubbed my arm briskly and clicked.  I only got the tiniest drop of blood, 
nowhere near enough.  Tried about 5 times, each time getting a tiny, tiny 
amount.  Didn't hurt.  So finally did my finger.  Boy, did that HURT!  I 
don't know how my little girl can do that day in and day out.  I hadn't eaten 
in a long time and was wondering how low my bg would be.  Answer 4.4, so not 

Anyone have success with a regular lancing device and forearm testing?  

Barbara, Mum of Claire, 6 pumping soon
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