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Re: [IP] Laser shot

On 5 Apr 2001, at 20:48, J Hughey wrote:

> eyes. I was so worked up over what the *nurse* was telling me that I *HAD* to
> be fitted for implants (everyone does) before the surgery, I didn't know if
> going blind would be better - it's that bad. The dr. came in and said, "Just
> come to the hosp. a 1/2 hr. earlier and we'll do it while you are asleep."
> Most people are not asleep for cataracts - but I was. I also had 
two ptosis

How did you convince them?  

Or did you have to have a hysterical fit?

No one believes me when I try to tell them how hysterical I am 
about needles.  Then, when I'm in hysterics, they're mad and upset 
and surprised.  But they never listen until then.  And by then, 
they've added to my trauma.

Just last feb, when I had to go into the hospital, I begged for EMLA 
cream, they denied it.  I asked them to use my left arm, not my 
right.  It took 4 people to hold me down (even with all the Ativan in 
my system), while husband tried to distract me and IV person 
poked at several different veins....

They never believe me until it's too late, I'm hysterical, they're mad 
and I have too many holes me in again.

It's very humiliating.
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