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Re: [IP] Pain with laser surgery

At 10:27 PM 4/5/01 -0400, you wrote:
>     I also hade same problem, but took injection of novacaine in eye. Most
>doctors put injection off because of possible sideeffects. The only effects
>were quick pain of needle & a little dizzy right after.I hade tons of laser
>in that eye before,which made eye more sensitive to pain, so he insisted that
>i have injection.
>      Richard

I started having laser treatments back in 1982. At the time, all they used 
was an Argon green laser (hurt like hell).  Had a touch up laser back in 
1999, and the Dr. used some eye drops to deaden my eye (no saline).  Only 
felt like a pin prick.  My, how things have changed.
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