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[IP] Change to DST makes pumping useless! I hate DST! It will kill!


Since the itme hange Sat night I have been on more of a rollercoaster than
I have been in years!  It's like pre-upm.  I sledom have ever had a high
over 180 or low below 70 since the pump.  Now since Sat I'm all over the
place.  30-500 and back in hours!  I ahte this!  I hate DST!

The longer this goes on and each time I thinki get it fixed and as now I
see yet abnother HIGH fo rno reason only 30 minutes after bing normal range
and fasting for 8 hours it makes me want to die.  I can';t take this !

Does anyone else have troh le w/ DST!????

Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada!
Four months pumping thanks to the support of wonderful internet friends &
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Five days pumping gave me better control than I had achieved in 27 years of
To date:   55% improvement in average bg's & 70% fewer hypos.
Pre-pump HeA1c = 9.2. * First post-pump HeA1c = 5.1 *  (N = 4.3 - 5.8).
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