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[IP] your poem!

Jennifer wrote:
<Do not hide your joys, nor sorrows...
We are here for your tomorrows.
Those which do not care to read,
May successfully use their Delete key.

This list is made for many by few,
Invisible is the work they do.
So, with hokey poem, I'm begging too...
Don't let anything hold back YOU!>

Nice poem, Jennifer!!

Well stated!

To all: Let's try to express our different opinions without attacking
other people with our language. That's when Sam and others tell us to go
offline--for good reason! No problem with different opinions--but we
don't need to shout at one another, either! We're all here with many
common interests, trying to secure better health for ourselves and/or
our loved ones. Let's not forget that in our posts. Civility is a very
nice thing to practice in our increasingly uncivil society.


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