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Re: [IP] Laser shot

   Are you saying you had laser surgery without them injecting saline into 
your eye? If so, man you must be tough!!! My surgeon explained to me that the 
reason for the saline is to absorb the heat from the laser. If they didn't 
inject it, the potential for damage to other parts of your eye is great. I 
was also put to sleep for my vitrectomies and lensectomy and next week when I 
have my cataract surgery, I'll be asleep there as well. Dr. King, my eye 
surgeon, also explained to me why you are not supposed to be put to sleep 
during laser surgery but of course I can't remember the explanation he gave 
me. I do remember he said something about needing the eye to be looking 
forward and not rolling to the back of your head. (LOL...my hubby sleeps with 
his eyes partially open and it looks like he's staring right at you. It's 
rather creepy sometimes!!!)
       Anyhow, my sincere apologies for saying that EVERYONE has to have the 
shot. It's just what I was told but I now know that anyone can be wrong at 
times. sawwy :o)~

All my best, 
Elizabeth   >^..^<
dx 10-01-81 (Florida) type 1
Awaiting the arrival of 'Skippy'...
My new MM 508... also awaiting
the release of the new Paradigm!!!
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