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[IP] Laser shot

>>>Everyone gets this shot, you can't do the laser without it. >>>

Everyone should always remember, never say everyone, always, or never.  I had
laser treatment and did not have a shot. I had 2 cataract removals and with my
sensitivity it's difficult for the ophthalmologist/surgeon to get near my
eyes. I was so worked up over what the *nurse* was telling me that I *HAD* to
be fitted for implants (everyone does) before the surgery, I didn't know if
going blind would be better - it's that bad. The dr. came in and said, "Just
come to the hosp. a 1/2 hr. earlier and we'll do it while you are asleep."
Most people are not asleep for cataracts - but I was. I also had two ptosis
repairs (for fallen eyelids due to cataract surgeries 3 yrs. prior) and was
put to sleep. The lids do not match because of that but I don't want to go
through it again so if I can see, you'll have to tolerate looking at me. ;)
But a couple of months after the repairs, the opthalmologist put drops in my
eyes to numb them and was able to prop them open to zap them. NO needle. He
was going to have me stay around a couple of hours to check on me and released
me after a half hour I did so well. I have had two terrific eye surgeons. They
are out there. Of course, YMMV - that's the key. We're not ALL the same. (~_^)

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