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Re: [IP] Re: Insulin and heat

>we'll be in Hawaii for the next three
> weeks (I can hear you all moan now) and my brother say its turned to
> summer which mean 80-90 degrees.  Will my being outside for extended
> periods in this temperature create any problems for the insulin in
> my pump or the humalog I carry with me for emergencies? 

you shouldn't have a problem with your pump insulin. The main thing 
to remember with your bottled insulin is not to leave it anywhere 
where its container (purse, car, etc...) will be in direct sunlight 
and OVERHEAT. Just being at room temperature won't harm it. Lilly's 
guidelines spec a 1 1/2 % decrease in potency for 30 days at room 

If you see a blond 17yo over there with a pump, it's Lily. She's 
leaving Friday with her Geology class to spend a week in Hawaii over 
spring break -- rough life eh??

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