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Re: [IP] phone conversation with Disetronic


  OKAY, if I read your message right about trying to exchange out the rapids 
for the Ultraflex..Then you said the lady tried to skirt your questions by 
saying they would trade out your Rapids for Tenders....So if they will trade 
out the Rapids for Tenders and then will trade out the Tenders for the New 
Ultraflex, then do that, get the Tenders then trade them in for the 
ultraflex!!  Seems simple to me or else the girl got distracted with your 
questions and gave you some more misinformation.

Also, I'm not surprised that Disetronics is skirting the questions with 
regards to the waterproof issue.  This issue is so new that they are probably 
in a MAJOR scramble to figure out just exactly what their next step is going 
to be.  I, for one, am not that concerned about this issue because I have 
been EXTREMELY careful with batterie insertion and so far we have NO cracks 
in Josh's pump and he does NOT wear it in a pool or hot tub or shower, just 
warm weather activities.  So the waterproof issue is not relevent to us at 
this time.

  We tried the new Ultraflex last night and, although Josh complained of pain 
on insertion, it was like it instantly went away, and the bolus for filling 
did not cause ANY pain at all.  I also like the looks of this site and Josh 
was surprised at not needing additional tapes, like the Sof-Sets we have been 
using for the past 6+ months.  And after 2 hours of intense roller skating 
today his site is just as secure as it was last night!  YIPEEE!!!  It's just 
that I felt very awkward because now I've gotten use to the insertion device 
for inserting that needle.  I probably went too slow on insertion!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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