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[IP] ultraflex and medic alert

Hi gang. Just had to add my .02 on these topics.

Kevin got the ultraflex samples yesterday and changed his site. After using 
Tenders all this time, it seemed weird to have such a small needle...and it 
went straight in. He didnt even know it was there. He has gone low with every 
bolus since, which is a good thing when you think of it...he will need less 
insulin overall. So this evening, we changed his bolus ratio and basals. It 
is like he has what we call a "super site!" where we end up doing a temp rate 
of 70% for the 3 days. We are excited about it. The only complaint (and it 
isnt much) is the connecters are strange. We are used to the Tender 
connectors, and these are little rubber stoppers that are big on one end, 
small on the other. You can flip flop it for which ever side you need.  Oh, 
FYI...you only need .5 units to fill the cannula.

Medic Alert bracelets. Kevin was dx 12/98 and we are on our 3rd bracelet. We 
just bought #3. He misplaced #1 from taking it off for sports, and #2 fell 
off. Not sure how. The cheaper ones have a strange clamp that looked 
impossible to undo by yourself...so he never took it off. Not sure how it 
even came off. The better ones 10K gold/Silver and 14 K gold have a lobster 
claw that is nicer to do alone. It is getting expensive though.

Mom to Kevin, 13
dx 12/98, pumping 5/99
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