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Re: [IP] Re: I give up

     Don't give up, (how's that for subtle?) we all enjoy having you here!!!  
I know that I am guilty of having a BIG mouth and shooting it off at times. 
However, if you look at this as people just blowing off some steam, you'll 
see that it won't last long.  It's kind of like having a teenager.  Sometimes 
they say things because their emotions get the best of them but they don't 
mean to hurt anyone, they just want to be heard. And just as if you had a 
teenager and this happened, you wouldn't quit on them, would you? You'd just 
learn that this is something that happens but you still love them, you may 
not like what they said, but your feelings for them should still be in tact. 
So what I'm saying is this....we're all a part of a very large family and in 
any family of this size there is going to be conflict but you DON'T quit on 
them! You learn to deal with it the best you can and go on from there.  So, 
I'm saying you can't quit on us either.
Hope you'll give us another chance, 

Elizabeth  >^..^<
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