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[IP] Medic ID -another idea for Darrin

Hey Darrin sorry I didn't think of this earlier, but better late than
Do you wear a watch while you are out playing in the water? (I wear my
Ironman watch EVERYWHERE). If so, you might consider the watch band
medic IDs that MM has. I got some for Shane. They are really cheap (like
$7 for 2 of them) so you can afford to replace occasionally, even though
they are fairly durable. They are small and won't be in the way, and
they are right by your wrist when the paramedics take your pulse or look
for a medic alert bracelet. They say something like "Diabetic, insulin
pump" on them. sure, its not your name and medical history and
everything, but at least its something!
Another possibility, depending on your swimsuit, is to get one of those
dogtag kinda things with all the medical info on it. Then if you have a
suit with a drawstring you can tie it on. (make sure you tie it good!).
Or that same company also makes dogtags on keychains, so if your jet-ski
or whatever has a key...
Shane has had the same problems as you with the Medic Alert jewelry.
When he was a kid he destroyed so many his mom gave up (he was an extra
destructive little monster tho!). He doesn't like the look of the big
"durable" ones - says they are "klunky", and the ones that he thinks
look nice break easily on him. For some reason though he has a nice gold
bracelet that is small, nice looking, and hasn't been destroyed. Now why
can't he find a medic alert one like that??
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