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Re: [IP] IP] Re: Frustrated

In a message dated 4/5/01 9:19:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> pumping is not a natural activity despite its association with the activity
> of eating. the body was not designed to develop diabetes and the artificial
> means we humans have designed to circumvent the diabetes problems are
> neither intuitive or obvious. learning the pump is not impossible or too
> difficult. but pumping does have a steep learning curve.you cant be a
> schtumme (dope) and be good at pumping, it takes some gray metter (brain
> cells). spot

I like what you said.  I got my pump May 00 - I then got an unexpected new 
full time job in July - my learning curve came to a screeching halt.  I just 
basically kept things where they were at - continued doing all my checks - 
making a lot of high boluses.  Well this past February I got a MAJOR scare 
when my BG's went over 600 and I was starting back into DKA (I knew those 3 
particular days would be rough - just didn't know how rough :)  ) It was a 
combination of mental and physical stress and a bad infusion site.  It was a 
wake up call.

So now I am finally making some basal rate changes, rereading the pumping 
insulin book, charting etc.  I see my doc on Friday and am looking forward to 
actually getting a smile instead of a scowl from him for the first time in 
months. I have actually gotten my daily insulin total down, my high 
boluses/adjustments are way less than my meal boluses (they were equal or 
more for awhile there), and I am feeling better.  So even when you've been 
doing this for awhile - there is always room for improvement, changes etc.  

Now if I can just get the exercise going and lose some more weight.......
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